A picture is worth…….. 

Recently I have had some inquiries about how to plant willow cutting – some questions were about “Brushlayering” or how to vegetate rip rap with willow stakes.
Last week I had to put a “Live Pole Drain” in a river bank/slope that had a spring piping out.  I had to explain to my students what a LPD was by much waving of the hands! 

I am reminded why we developed the Typical Drawings in Erosion Draw 5.0, BioDraw 3.0 and ESenSS.  “A picture is worth a thousand words and much hand waving”.

So while digging through some of my old “Typical Drawings” it occurred to me to share some with you all.  Maybe these will help you incorporate some willow cuttings into your work this fall.  We don’t call our company Salix for nothin!

Good Luck


In August John attended the FINN Dealer Sales Conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio


All North American FINN equipment dealers were represented at the meeting.  In addition to the sales training and erosion control focused presentations, we had a field day where FINN HydroSeeders®, FINN Bark Blowers, and a FINN Straw Blower were all demonstrated and everyone was given the opportunity to operate them. 


Demonstrations included North American Tube Products showing how to fill their etube filter sock using the bark blowers. 


See the pictures below and stay tuned as to where around the world John goes next!


Also, follow Will Mahoney, M.A., P.G. on his Erosion Control journeys around the world at https://www.soilfundambassador.blogspot.com/


John was a Keynote Speaker for the FINN conference



John provided a lecture full of information


John talks about the ABC’s of BMP’s


Demonstrations of how the equipment works



Hands on with FINN equipment


Demonstrations on different applications


Great field day!


Hey People

I just came across the webinar Stephanie Moret and I did for Forester University entitled “Whats Wrong with Rip Rap – Intro to Fluvial-Geomorphology”.  It is FREE!   And you can receive Continuing Education Units !!  Plan on spending an hour learning or (refreshing your knowledge) on watershed and stream concepts and finishing up with an introduction to “Environmentally-Sensitive Streambank Stabilization Techniques (ESenSS).  ESenSS is excerpted from NCHRP Report-544 – Environmentally-Sensitive Channel and Bank Protection measures (2005).  

I’m currently working on a new brand new Streambank Stabilization Webinar for IECA, so stay tuned for that also. 


 Click the link to see Forester University webinar


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