Date is Set – 2020 Best of the BMP SUMMIT at Shasta College

Hands-on learning is coming again!! The 2020 Best of the BMP SUMMIT at Shasta College will be held during our campus Spring Break. The two-day course will probably be held on Thursday and Friday, April 8th and 9th.

We expect over 100 attendees, professionals whose jobs include SWPPP preparation, BMP Implementation, Inspectors. Plan reviewers find our course especially helpful as we focus on the BMPs so you can really review and inspect the site with experientially-gained, hands-on knowledge.

Like the Summits of past years, the pedagogy (how to learn vs. what to learn) will involve theory followed by hands-on, practical field demonstrations. The best of the BMPs will be demonstrated, along with how to select BMPs, how to ensure the BMPs are placed and installed properly, and how to inspect those BMPs.

We are working on a new and improved Erosion Control Training Facility (ECTF) as we speak. You won’t want to miss “playing” at the new site.

Registration forms for attendees and exhibitors will be available after Jan 25 at In the meantime spread the word. Capacity will limit us to about 125 attendees.

The highlight of the two-day summit is mingling with the 15-20 exhibitors who bring their products. They are with us both in the class room and out in the field. The Showcase Exhibitors will actually get to spend time demonstrating their products “In the Field”.

You won’t want to miss the Breakfast and Lunches that will be provided by Shasta College Food Services.

A sampling of Dirt Time Tips and Clips from past Summits: