NEW Course – The ABCs of BMP Installation will be released this week. This 0.5 CEU Video Course covers (14) standard, benchmark BMPs, from Soil Preparation/Soil Roughening, to Turf Reinforcement Mats, to Stabilized Construction Entrance, to Sediment Barriers for Slope Interruption and Toe-of-Slope Applications.  The course also includes the free download of BMP Manual – Best of the BMPs Guidance Manual, 5th Edition to help reference the Construction Specifications and Inspection and Maintenance Recommendations for each BMP.

Here is what Graham Tait, Stormwater Specialist, Calgary, Alberta has to say;

“Congratulations, John, Kevin, and Team!
I love the content – it’s engaging, well laid out, and thorough! It really ‘hits the nail (or the wood stake) on the head’ for everything industry personnel need to know about ESC best practices. It is essential and informative training for beginners to experts alike!  And I like that people will be able to refer back to the videos and supplementary materials such as drawings and notes once they have signed up. Superb work!”

USD$250.00 – CAN $340.00
Special Offer over 20% off for CAN-IECA
Members CAN$270.00
(use coupon code “CAN-IECA”)

The video course takes the learner to a level un-available via the standard webinar format.  The student will have to ability to recognize that specified installation rates were applied, see Straw Mulch applied at 1T/ac (2000kg/ha), and then compare it to what 2T/ac (4000kg/ha) looks like.  How is a tackifier applied?  Also compare BFM applications of 3.500-4,000#/ac (4000kg/ha) to a lesser amount.  See, first-hand (almost!) what BFM applied at 100% coverage looks like in the field.

You will be able to sign up soon.


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