Shasta College is gaining world recognition for its state-of-the-art Erosion and Sediment Control Training Facility. The ECTF shares 6 acres with the with the Heavy Equipment Operations program.

The ECTF has steep slopes, a drainage channel for practical research, Skimmer Sediment Basin, Bioswale and much more.

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SPECIAL Topics This Year

CARR FIRE This year we will have a special presentation on the CA native grass seeding and Hydromulching experiences in western Shasta / Redding area.
David Gilpin with Pacific Coast Seed and Bill Agnew, are my “go to guys” and their presentation and the expertise they bring to the Summit is appreciated.

De-mystify Hydromulches and BFMs and learn how to make your Hydromulch application 96% effective on a steep slope. Which BFM would you choose for
confidently covering a slope for 1 year duration? What should you expect from the EC Contractor?

Straw Talk, Carr Fire, Seeding Tips and more

Blankets and Mats – How do you select and properly install Erosion Control Blankets and Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs)?

Compost – with excessive biomass in the forests causing unanticipated wildfire hazards, can ramped-up Compost production solve some CO 2 sequestration challenges? Most importantly, what Compost BMPs are really promising and how do we meet specifications. Are Compost-centric BMPs “really” too costly?

Compost Blankets – Tried and tested for over a decade now, how can this BMP, documented to be 99% effective in reducing raindrop erosion, be cost-effectively applied?

Compost Sock – These tools are effectively used for so many uses – either pre-made and delivered on pallets or use a blower machine to build them on-site. See Compost Socks and Filtersoxx used for repairing over-steepened slopes and stream banks re-enforced with bioengineering methods.

Compost Berm The compost sock with out the fabric. By following a few critical specifications, this BMP could replace the Silt Fence in 9 out of 10 cases. No retrieval, lessen landfill use, sequesters CO 2 and more – let’s build one at the College!

Silt Fence and other Sediment Barriers will be discussed – lets squeeze the most effectiveness from these types of BMPs! Did you know that a silt fence machine, pulled behind a farm tractor or Bobcat can install over 100 ft of Silt Fence in and hour with two workers!! How? Don’t miss our Field Demonstrations of Fiber Rolls (straw wattles), Filtrexx Siltsoxx, and Coir BioD silt checks.

Runoff Control will be demonstrated with Ditch Checks and TRMs and a few innovative products that withstand 20cfs yet allow CA native grasses.
The above-mentioned BMPs allow us to segue into Practices that are in the Permanent Category for your SWPPP document, i.e., increase infiltration during our water conveyance and reduce “Hydromodification”

You won’t want to miss this event which optimizes the practical hands-on approach to adult learning, reinforced with the videos and combined with Classroom and BMP Manual theory.

Breakfast and Lunch Provided

Shasta College Food Services once again provide “super” Breakfasts and Lunches while the Breaks are all in the Classroom (referred to as the 4000 Bld. Or the “Barn”) so Exhibitors, Professional Attendees, and Shasta College Students will get maximum opportunities to share experiences. This total immersion in BMPs will be followed by a Certificate of Attendance worth 1.6
CEUs in Continuing Education.