David Derrick Streambank Video

Hi all,

Here is a nice video from the Streambank StabilizationPhenomenon that is known as David Derrick. Lot’s of good information here. The video takes place on the banks of Duck Creek and is a production of the City of Davenport.

For those of you who do not know David Derrick, here’s a quick listing of some of the projects he’s been involved in. On a regular basis, David puts out a great email newsletter – chalk-full of information. If you’re interested in streambank stabilization and erosion control in general, you should try and get on that mailing list. I won’t post his email here (robots, crawlers, junk-mail, etc.), but do a quick google or send us a note (on the left) and we’ll let you know how to get a hold of him and get on that list.

Also, David contributes on a regular basis to this site, often posting PowerPoints of presentations he’s done. There will be more in the coming weeks, but here is one presentation to get you started.



Quick Note: This video is not a Dirt Time / BlinkWorks production. It’s produced and owned by the city of Davenport. Posted with permission.


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