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  • John

    Alternatives to Rip Rap: Environmentally-Sensitive Stream Stabilization Methods

    Lifetime access
    All levels
    25 lessons
    1 quiz
    2 students

    In this course, over ten years of river restoration/repair case studies are presented.  John McCullahdirttime.tv’s host, will guide you through these projects and what lessons were learned using video clips from the following locations:

    • Pembina River, Hinton, AB, CA
    • Chena River, Fairbanks AK
    • Willow Creek, So. Alberta, CA
  • John

    The ABCs of BMP Installation

    Lifetime access
    All levels
    25 lessons
    16 quizzes
    47 students

    This Video Course is intended to provide the SWPPP Practitioner, Inspector, Regulator, Construction Staff and/or others an opportunity to learn and experience what is necessary to install and complete a BMP installation inspection.  Generally speaking, it might take months or years of work in erosion and sediment control for the BMP practitioner, the regulator, or the SWPPP designer to obtain sufficient field experiences to gain a “working knowledge of proper BMP installation”.

  • John

    The Best of the BMPs SUMMIT Video Course

    8 hours
    All levels
    7 lessons
    6 quizzes
    68 students

    Along with the Video Course, the attendees will also receive the Shasta Collage BMP Manual as a download, and testing.

    The Videos (7 modules/Lectures) plus Introduction) runtime is about 5h:40min. The attendee will have to refer to the Manual and read info from it and the student will need to take the test. We are estimating 8-10 hours are required to take the entire course and complete the testing. The Video runtimes total of approximately 4h:45m. The study of reference materials will require another 20% of video time or +2.0 hrs. Test-taking requirements will round the course out to 8 hours = 1.0 CEU

  • John

    Bioengineering and Biotechnical Soil Stabilization

    60 minutes
    All levels
    1 lesson
    0 quizzes
    21 students

    This online course condenses nearly 20 years of authors’ experience into1 hour. The course includes fascinating facts about the history of bioengineering in the West.  Where did the term “Straw Wattle” originate? Answers to the question about “design life” of biotechnical methods lie in understanding successional reclamation?  Plus, this course will offer 4 of the most useful willow methods. For novices to experts, this course is a must for those interested in Bioengineering (AKA – Biotechnical Soil Stabilization).

  • John


    2 hours
    All levels
    2 lessons
    2 quizzes
    8 students

    Almost everything you need to know about applying seed and mulch hydraulically”.  What is the proper application rate for effective erosion protection? How does one ensure proper implementation and “get your money’s worth? The equipment, the products, and the methods are all included in this training.

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