Subscription Tweaks: Must Re-subscribe

Ahh, the joys of a new website.  

If you’ve previously subscribed to this site.  You must re-subscribe.

We just added a couple of tweaks to the RSS feed.  It will now list WatchYourDirt as the author of the feed (no longer just lists ‘Blog’), so you know where the email is coming from.

Unfortunately, this will break your old feed.  Easy enough to fix though.  Just delete your old feed and re-subscribe.

For those of you who aren’t subscribers to the blog. It’s a great way to keep up to date with the blog.  Basically, it sends you a notification/email every time a new blog entry is made. The email will have a link and short description of the blog entry.  

If this sounds like something you may like, just add our RSS feed to your email program or web browser.  It’s located right on the left hand side of the page, under subscribe.  If you’d like to get more familiar with RSS, read here.

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