New Footage Coming Next Week…

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to post a quick update about what’s going on with Dirt Time.  There are a lot of exciting projects going through Dirt Time and the BlinkWorks studios. It’s going to be a really busy summer.  This site will be brimming with content. 

For Dirt Time, we’re currently working on 2 episodes right now.  Things are going great and we hope to have some sneak peak footage sometime next week.

  • The first episode coming out is a second Dirt Time video on Hydromulch.  Think of it as Hydromulch: Redux!  Basically, we looked back at our 3-year old Hydromulch video and thought it was time to update, give it the HD treatment and just simply do it much better.  The hydromulch episode is our most popular to date, so we’re thinking this one will be well recived also.
  • The second episode we’re working on is something called:  The Big Cover Up.  What do you do when you have large areas of exposed soil and a limited time to button it all up?  Well, in this video we take you through the options.  We have 4 major techniques (RECPs, Hydromulch, Straw blowing and Compost) that we are going to explain, compare and install.  It’s a very cool episode, you won’t want to miss it!

And in addition to that, we have some other projects in the hopper that we can’t wait to announce…but unfortunately can’t just yet.  But do stick around, and check in often, because things are going to get pretty busy around here!

Take Care,



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