River Garbage Stats

Image: Fieldandstream.comHi all – James Here,

Back at EC08, the IECA brought in a guy named Chad Pregracke as the Keynote speaker.  Chad’s story is a pretty simple, but pretty awesome one.  Basically, Chad grew up on the Mississippi, and started out as a commercial clammer – which involves crawling on the BOTTOM of the river.

After awhile Chad began to notice the huge amount of garbage and trash littering the waterway.  So he decided to do something about.  His entire story can be found here at this link or watch the video below…

Every now and then, I check out the Living Land and Waters (LLAW) Website.  And recently I noticed a stat sheet that they posted listing the items of garbage that Chad and his team pulled.  It’s a fun (and scary) little read and can be found here.

If don’t know much about Living Land and Waters, check ’em out.  What they’re doing is absolutely amazing stuff.


Side Note:  You may have seen Chad and Co. featured on the Discovery Channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs’.  Well, apparently, LLAW made a nice impression as Chad told us there is talk of a Discovery series completely focused on LLAW and his motley river crew.  So stay tuned!

(Side, Side Note:  In fact, Chad tried to hook me up as a cameraman for the pilot episode, but unfortunately I couldn’t make the schedule happen… broke my heart, how cool would it be to document that stuff??!!)

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