Low Water Crossing: Big Flows

Quick Update on our Low Water Crossing installation that was featured in our Articulated Concrete Block episode.

John snapped this pic of the very high, very erosive flows going over our l’il crossing.  Amazing stuff, when filming, I never imagined that it’d see this type of action.  But apparently it does.

The crossing is located in a valley, a valley that is pretty much a catch basin for a good portion of Redding, CA and surrounding areas.  When it rains, a heck of a lot of water gets diverted into a small channel that goes over the LWC and into Sulphur Creek.  Crazy flows.

So how is it holding up?  Well it’s been 3 seasons and everything is looking great!  No undercutting, no movement.  Some of the angular rock spread on top of the ACB has washed away – but, frankly, we expected that to happen to an extent.

All in all, it’s looking great.  I hope this one holds up just as well (from Salix’s Sacramento OHV Job)…

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