Thick Compost, Growing Seeds

Last Year Greg Balzer asked for more documentation we might have re: the placement of seed under, over or incorporated with 2-3″ thick Compost Blankets.  These photos  (also see “Malaysians Visit Shasta College) show the results of our 2nd “scientific” trials and is my 5th actual experience,  On this plot little trial we used both Native grass (the entire results will be published) and commercial rye.  

These photos (below) show our first Shasta College trials – can you tell which side of the plot had seed under and which side had seed on top ?

I know, these studies used relatively large seed, Elymus glaucus, Nassella pulchra, Lymus triticoides, Rye etc,   BUT please remember we also used the Blower Trucks (the seed is incorporated into compost while blowing on) using the widely diverse “Canadian Reclamation Blends” for three Huge and different geoclimatic area in Alberta and the vegetative establishment was phenomenal.  See the Hinton Projects on Dirt Time.

Also remember, these trials use “REAL Compost” (cooked, turned, aged, certified) instead of some wood chips, Hydropost-type biosolids, wood mulch etc. that many people seem to confuse with real compost!!  NO, I think that any idea out there that “thick (2-3” layer) Compost Blankets will “smother” the seeds is anecdotal only and based on all of our previous knowledge about seed planting depth – Compost apparently doesn’t behave as we would expect with regards to seed depth!!  Until somebody does some trials with smaller seeds, forbs, etc, I am going to “fall back” on my experience in Canada and say the seed size is not a factor either.

Also, also, In my opinion the very best application is applying the compost blanket, and seed, and mychorrizae, and biosol, and TACKIFIER in one step using the Express Blower Trucks because the materials are really well calibrated and the way uniform mixing occurs in the hose.  

Also, I should point out:  No, I do not have a financial interest in Finn/Express Blower nor Compost.  

As an added bonus see the cool “living walls” from Kiwi land.



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