Bioengineering in Silicon Valley

Bioengineering in the Silicon Valley – Circa 2003
I just came across this project paper in our Salix archives – thought it was worth sharing.  At the turn of the century, San Jose CA was one of the fastest-growing regions – read “uber-urbanization”.
The Santa Clara Valley Water District has had some HUGE challenges over several decades – challenges to reduce flooding, recharge the aquifers, and simultaneously restore aquatic and salmonid habitat.  How does an agency restore stream function in deeply incised streams with no room to move horizontally because urbanization has encroached into the floodplains? 
The Guadalupe River is one such stream, running right through the middle of San Jose.  To prevent flooding the SCVWD once had a duty to reduce flooding armoring many miles of stream with sack concrete walls. 
Improperly installed coir netting – the rolls wer installed downslope direction instead of with flow
This paper describes the challenges in achieving “Green Solutions”, agencies going “overboard” a bit by not allowing any rock once the concrete sacs had been removed and, most importantly, how it is imperative that TRMs are installed properly.


Installed properly as a TRM should be, check slots, rolled with flow direction etcAfter one year and several high flows – success


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