Geysersville Streambank Project – LIVE WEBCAM

Check out the Geyserville Stream Bank Stabilization Project After One Year on the CalTrans Live Web Cam.  Lets keep watching it as the high waters begin (if it ever rains again in NOCAL)
You can take a look at photos during construction and photos of the site during high water here: 
Rock Vanes were an integral component in redirecting erosive flows away from the stream bank and managing the thalweg at the project site.
By the Way, if you want to learn more and watch more video, you should check out Dirt Time over at Forrester University.  Over there, you can watch a video, take a test and earn PDH.  It’s the perfect way to learn Environmentally Sensitive bank stabilization techniques or want to provide online training for their staff or earn Professional Development Hours.
UP and coming!!
John McCullah- owner Sailx Applied Earthcare and Donald Gray- from the Dept. Civil and Envl., Engr., University of Michigan, are presenting the paper “Bank Stabilization at Geyserville Bridge Site Using Re-Directive and Bioengineering Measures” at the ASCE GeoCongress in Oakland March 26-29 2012


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