Humber River: John hits Toronto!

The Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) asked me to do a 3 day hands-on workshop.

Here are some high points:

  • Humber River at high stage, residence were at risk
  • Lots of hihgly motivatesd, really cool TRCA staff
  • There was a BIG hook in the river threatening downstream bridge
  • Access was TIGHT, but we did get to employ a 24 wheel conveyor dump truck for rock delivery
  • We harvested some willow and poplar nearby, the rest we had to source commercially
  • We used Longitudinal Peaked Stone Toe (LPSTP) to align the stream and take out that hook
  • The hook scour hole became a place to plant ‘Live Siltation’ and Pole Plantings
  • To cap it all off, Jim Berry took me to see my first pro basketball game (front row seating no less) – ‘Go Raptors’!
  • Big thanks to Mo McDonnel and all of the TRCA!


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