Belly River Workshop

Bioengineering and Biotechnical Streambank Stabilization Techniques Workshop

October 16-18, 2012

Classroom Training – October 16th, 2012

Walerton Lakes Resort

Walerton Lanes National Park, Alberta

Field Training –  October 17 & 18, 2012

Hwy 800 Belly River


Instructor: John McCullah

This three day course will provide both theoretical and applied training in bioengineering and biotechnical stabilization techniques with a strong emphasis on erosion and sediment control The material presented will be of use to regulators, designers, project managers and contractors. 

This course is being presented by Centre for Transportation Engineering & Planning

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Contact Neil Little, Executive Director for more details


The Belly River is “eating the bank” and undermining the Alberta DOT Highway

Close up taken in May 2012. Besides fixing teh problem, the idea for another “hands-on workshop” was spawned!!!


Emergency actions involved the Soil Nail Launcher, (See Willow Creek Episode of Dirt Time, for more information and actual vdeos!!)


The last two Images show the site now – ready for the workshop to do the bioengineering and biotechnical elements – Live Siltation, Willow Brushlayering, Soil Flaps with Brushlayering, Green Armor system TRMs and much much more.

The Longitudinal Peaked Stone Toe has been built and the rock vanes installed by the Contractor.  Project engineers are AMEC.

Want to learn more about the Environmentally-Sensitive Streambank Stabilization techniques?  As provided in NCHRP Report 544 and ESenSS.

See archive for more info on Fort McCloud and Willow Creek projects in Southern Alberta.  /watchyourdirt-erosion-control/2012/6/20/new-belly-river-stream-project-and-workshop.html

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