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Month of June’s Spotlight Feature

ESenSS: Environmentally-Sensitive Streambank Stabilization Manual w/ Disc


This manual contains 44 different channel and bank protection techniques in the categories of:

  •    River Training
  •    Bank Armor and Protection
  •    Riparian Buffer and Stream Corridor Opportunities
  •    Slope Stabilization

Someone who would be interested in ESenSS:

Watershed hydrologists, highway engineers, soil conservationists, biologists, restoration ecologists, and anyone like yourself who could utilize this tool in restoring stream and river systems, white protecting property and structures with the latest techniques.

Each year, human activity and infrastructure places a higher impact on our surrounding environment. ESenSS includes increased knowledge of “soft” practices that provide engineers with the ability to restore ecological health and strength within the infrastructures that are so critical and important to human society.

ESenSS is user-friendly, with easy to read descriptions of the latest techniques used.

Detailed Auto-Cad drawings with reasoning behind techniques!

Colored, informative pictures on specific case studies with responsive outcomes!

ESenSS also includes the technique-selection software, “Greenbank,” which is an innovative program for selecting and ranking appropriate stabilization and protection techniques based on a whole suite of site-specific conditions.

For more information on this product ESenSS and more, visit our online store

at  WatchYourDirtStore.com .

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