John is in Malaysia… AGAIN!

Hello! This just in from the other side of the GLOBE!!!

John is in Malaysia with Wing where they are working on and Engineered Newbury Riffle and the first Bendway Weirs in that part of the world.

John says the first few day were filled with construction logistics – getting equipment lined up and visiting local quarries to get the right rock.

The project is about 30 km below a large dam near the border with Thailand.  The purpose for the work is to raise the water elevation so a large series of pumps can utilize the river water for irrigation of farms and rubber tree plantations.  

First thing was to dismantle an old gabion check dam that had been built to serve that purpose – unfortunately the river had “blown out” around the check dam.

Check out the HOT OFF THE PRESS PICS!!

More on the design and construction later.  


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