Hot off the Press…well actually John’s iPhone!

Here’s another EXCLUSIVE update straight from John McCullah himself in Malaysia-

“Update from project

Sg. Pedu site is 9km below huge Pedu Dam. The reservoir touches Thai border.

The toe of Newbury Riffle is in, but the Rock Delivery is still too SLOW.

We Need to lay 500T per day, only getting 200 T per day.  So we are way behind schedule.

 The riffle has well graded stone (30” – 2”) well compressed.  It will be over 120’ long riffle with crest 2 meters (6ft high) then we plans on one Bendway Weir upstream to direct flood flows onto Riffle.  This river can get 125,000 cfs in winter !!!   No wonder gabion check dam failed

Wing Leong and I have been there everyday!!!”






Looks like a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well! We will be in contact with John throughout most of his trip, and we will keep you updated as the project builds!

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Thanks for reading!

– The Dirt Time Team


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