John’s on his way home!

He sent us a message as well:

“See the two excavators working on other side of bank?
They are preparing the tieback for Bendway Weir.

There is a wide bend with Pump House on inner bend, which at 5000 cfs, directs flows to outer bend.  This is what blew out the Gabions by causing an “end run”.  So the Bendway will redirect the thalweg back into center of the new Newbury Riffle.

We showed the construction folks new and cost effective construction techniques also.  We finally managed to get a loader on the job which really speeded up production.  Excavators are much more productive if they can sit and have rock delivered.

It rained cats and doggies the last day I was there.  The river got about 3 ft higher in few hours.  Quite a challenge to cross since rock is on left bank and Bendway is on right bank!!

The Job is about 1/2 done, we placed almost 3000 T of the 6000 T needed.

Great to be heading home after two weeks in Northern Malaysia – taming the Pedu River! Made a lot of new friends, many challenges, so hot and humid sometimes I thought I would burst and then 6″ of rain in an hour. Lots of typical “construction challenges ” too!

Brought new technology and new techniques – all well received. They threw a going away party for me yesterday, I felt the love!”

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