This is a PRIVATE PREVIEW PAGE For Dirt Time Video License Partners.  

Dirt Time Video Licensing provides trainers and institutions with digital, customized erosion control educational clips for use in educational and training settings.  From the full Dirt Time episodes to small, focused clips that integrate perfectly into your PowerPoint – becoming a Dirt Time Video License partner is the perfect way to bring field examples to your classroom.

To learn how you can become a licensed Dirt Time partner and show Dirt Time in your classroom / training.  Please contact Salix Applied Earthcare at (530) 247-1600 or via email at

Energy Dissipators – Classroom Version


Hydro Mulch (ver. 1) – Classroom Version


Silt Fence – Classroom Version


Sediment Ponds – Classroom Version


Fiber Rolls (Ver 2) – Classroom Version


Polymers – Classroom Version




Additional Available Video Samples 

Stabilized Construction Entrances – Part 1

Stabilized Construction Entrances – Part 2

The Trouble With Hay Bales – Classroom Version


Rock Vanes (Willow Creek) – Classroom Version


Slope Prep (Willow Creek) – Classroom Version






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