Napa River Restoration

Napa River Restoration Project Aided by The Tully Group

This restoration project takes place on the mainstem of the Napa River, south of Saint Helena. Over the years, the Napa River watershed has been confined to become more narrow, has been impacted by habitat destruction, and is highly susceptible to bank erosion and channel degradation. Adjacent properties have been subject to this erosion and riverbank instability and have lost vineyards lands and subsequently made costly repairs.

Tully Consulting Group prepared the SWPPPs, provided SWPPP Inspections as well as QSP/QSD services throughout the course of the restoration. They also did a lot of sampling for these and met with the water board several times during the different phases.

Learn more about this project here.

If you are interested in these types of River restoration projects, especially on “salmonid streams” – John has over 15 years of projects, many described in his recent webinar “Alternatives to Rip Rap – Environmentally-Sensitive streambank Stabilization Methods”. Available soon!



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