Pembina River – Biotechnical Training Workshop

The Clip below was excerpted from Dirt Time videos made during a hands-on training workshop up in the Canadian Rockies back in 2006.

This workshop was sponsored by the Alberta Transportaion who wanted to “get the word out” about NCHRP Report 544 – Environmentally-Sensitive Channel and Bank Protection Methods , aka, Alternatives to Riprap.
We (Dirt Time) ended up implementing and filming several more workshops (projects) throughout the Provence.  See Hinton and Willow Creek

Many more of these Dirt Time Bioengineering and BMP video clips (5-10 minute long) will be available for you to watch, take a test, and get Continieing Edcation Units (CEUs).

See for similar courses in near future.  The video clips are also avaiable at the Watch Your Dirt in the “Dirt Time BMP and BIOENGINEERING Complete Works” for $299

Also see Forester University for Dirt Time Courses –

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