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We put together a PowerPoint Presentation showing some of the techniques that took place at the Stillwater Creek workshop take a look below, or view in our Gallery. You can even download the Powerpoint here.

Get the flash player here: https://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Get the flash player here: https://www.adobe.com/flashplayer




John was recently out and about, checking up on his Sulphur Creek project.  Here’s a snap of a ‘Viffle’ in action.  A Viffle is what you get when you take a tradtional ‘Newbury Rock Riffle’ grade control structure and cross it with a rock vane control.   So you get all of that lovely step-down, scour pool grade control action of the Newbury Rock Riffle, along with the current, re-directive control of a rock vane. 

Here’s a sample typical detailing what’s going on below the surface.


For more great streambank stabilization material, check out:

E-SenSS and/or BioDraw


Hi Everybody,  James here.

For a long time, the restoration of Sulphur Creek in Redding, CA has been a passion project of John’s.  The cleanup, re-channelization, and rehabilitation of this long abused Salmon habitat has occupied over a decade of John’s focus and effort.

But, over the last three years, with tremendous support from DWR and other agencies, real progress has been made. Though, there is still more to go, when it’s complete, Sulphur Creek will be a shining example of community stewardship, state of the art Biotechnical techniques and perseverance. 

And of course, I was there to capture some footage.  We’ve collected a mountain of footage while the aims of producing a longer-form documentary.  For fun, we cut a (very tiny) preview of what’s in store.  Check it out…


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