This past week, I was in Calgary, only about 90 minutes away from the Willow Creek site.  So I decided to make the trip and check out how everything is doing.

It’s been six months since we finished up over there, and I wish I was checking out the site at the end of this summer instead – because, things haven’t really been given time to grow in.  But the great news is that a large majority of the willow is alive and sprouting!

There is some not-so-great stuff…a bit of gullying here and there, some slight slope failure, but nothing too fatal Though keep in mind, this is coming from my less-than-expert vantage point.

I took some video of the site and will be posting it as soon as we make the Willow Creek Project available – which, if all goes well, will be at the end of this week!  Tomorrow, we’ll be finishing the audio tweaks and then, all there is to do is design the DVD and start shipping!

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