Who is Junior Raindrop? And Why Should I be Frightened?

Every now and again, on Dirt Time and in training sessions, you’ll hear John refer to ‘Junior Raindrop’.

After a few mentions, you may find yourself asking:  ‘Who is this Junior Raindrop?’  Well, watch this video and ask no longer…

Junior Raindrop is a short animation piece commissioned by  the U.S. Department of Agriculture & Forest Service back in 1948.  In it a ‘delinquent raindrop explains the need for good watershed management’.  Though a little bit goofy and a tad bit long, it’s an interesting industry artifact that does do a good job outlining the basics.

And if nothing else, it’s invaluable as a cautionary tale, alerting us to the fact that seemingly innocent raindrops are all murderous bandits just waiting to happen!

Oh, also:  Quick Trivia Fact:  Junior Raindrop was created by Rudolph Wendelin, the same man who was responsible for Smokey the Bear.

Original Concept Art for Jr. Raindrop

Download the Video:

Like the video? Junior can be found at the Internet Archive, or feel free to  Download Junior Raindrop from our site here  (does not contain the John preamble).

By John

John McCullah has an AA degree in Biology and a BS in Watershed Geology. He has CA contractors license since 1990 and has been performing erosion control and restoration work for over 25 years. John has been a Certified Community College Instructor since 1996, developing curriculum and teaching at Shasta College in No. California. John is a recognized expert in erosion control, stream and watershed restoration, and technical training. He has had specialized adult educator training while teaching state-wide storm water courses for California Department of Transportation - from 2001 through 2011. John is also certified as a QSD and QSP (Qualified SWPPP Developer and Practitioner) and he is a Trainer of Record for these CA professional requirements. He has authored 3 complete Best Management Practice Manuals and helped develop new BMPs with California Department of Transportation Division of Landscape Architecture, particularly Steep and Adverse Slopes. John has been teaching professional development courses for IECA since 1996. His popular ‘Best of the BMPs’ course is constantly being updated to reflect new technology, materials, and practices. The Dirt Time video series was produced as a means to present hands on learning experiences to the classroom. There are now over 15 Dirt Time episodes and 50 video clips available. John has designed and built many environmentally-sensitive river and stream projects over the last years, projects ranging from California to Alaska, and Alberta Canada to New Zealand. As an academic and practitioner with dozens of case studies and Dirt Time clips, John’s trainings are filled with first hand, practical experiences. He recently co-authored Bioengineering Case Studies - Sustainable Stream Bank and Slope Stabilization published in 2015 by Springer.