Every now and again, on Dirt Time and in training sessions, you’ll hear John refer to ‘Junior Raindrop’.

After a few mentions, you may find yourself asking:  ‘Who is this Junior Raindrop?’  Well, watch this video and ask no longer…

Junior Raindrop is a short animation piece commissioned by  the U.S. Department of Agriculture & Forest Service back in 1948.  In it a ‘delinquent raindrop explains the need for good watershed management’.  Though a little bit goofy and a tad bit long, it’s an interesting industry artifact that does do a good job outlining the basics.

And if nothing else, it’s invaluable as a cautionary tale, alerting us to the fact that seemingly innocent raindrops are all murderous bandits just waiting to happen!

Oh, also:  Quick Trivia Fact:  Junior Raindrop was created by Rudolph Wendelin, the same man who was responsible for Smokey the Bear.

Original Concept Art for Jr. Raindrop

Download the Video:

Like the video? Junior can be found at the Internet Archive, or feel free to  Download Junior Raindrop from our site here  (does not contain the John preamble).

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