The Dirt Time ‘Complete Works’

The Dirt Time Complete Works is now available!

The Complete Works is divided up into two DVD sets – The BMP (Best Managed Practices) set and the BioEngineering Set.  They are available together for only $299 or separately for $175.00 each.  

Order them now at the WatchYourDirt Shop (Click Here).

Here’s what is on each of the four discs…

BMP Set Disc One 

• Hydromulch
• Hydromulch on a large area cover up
• Compost Blanket
• Blown Straw
• RECP / Erosion Control Blankets
• Silt Fencing
• Sediment Ponds
• Theory of Ditch Check
• Gravel Ditch Checks
• Gravel Bag Ditch Checks
• Fiber Rolls Ditch Checks
• Triangular Silt Dike Ditch Checks
• Enviroberm Ditch Checks
• Hay Bales:  The Good & The Bad
• Straw Talk – A discussion about different straw types and straw theory 

BMP Set Disc Two

• Articulate Concrete Blocks
• Low Water Crossings
• Stabilized Construction Entrances – Traditional
• Stabilized Construction Entrances  – Rumble Strips
• Turf Reinforcement Mats in a Channel
• The ‘Green Armor System’
• Energy Dissipators – Traditional (rock)
• Energy Dissipators – ScourStop
• Extreme Slope Stabilization
• Extreme Slope Stabilization – Update (6 months later)


BioEngineering Set –  Disc One

The Willow Creek Project (Follows a large Scale Riverbank stabilization from start to finish), detailing…

• Rock Vanes
• Longitudinal Peak Stone Toe Protection (Rock Toe)
• Slope Prep & Trackwalking
• Soil Nailing
• Hydromulching
• Fiber Rolls
• Gully Repair
• Live Willow Staking
• Live Siltation
• Modified Brush Layering
• Soil Flaps
• Slope Stabilization 

BioEngineering Set – Disc Two 

• Rock Vanes
• Large Woody Debris
• Live Pole Drains
• Modified Brush Layering (2)
• Vegetated RipRap
• VMSE (Soil Wrapping)




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