Hawaiian Trip

John got to spend last week on assignment (not a vacation!) on the island of Oahu.  He was invited to Keynote at this years annual Protect Our Water Conference, 2019 at the Ko’olau Balrooms. The education and awareness event was sponsored by State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Airports, and Harbors and coordinated by

John reported that about 400 attended.  The topic of John’s Keynote and the subsequent sessions were BMPs -the “Tools of Compliance” and  how understanding them from a practical, experiential standpoint allows Best of the BMPs
Hands-on Field Training on the second day was a new addition to the Conference.  John used his experience of doing filed training with Caltrans and, of course, the BMPs SUMMIT at Shasta College as the format for the demonstrations.  Hawaiian Earth Recycling provided the site near Kapolei.
IECA Member Eddie Snell, with Applied Polymer Systems, made the trip from Florida to present and he made a great demonstration of PAM flocculants cleaning up dirty flowing water.
Here are a few Photos from John of his trip and taken as the site was made ready

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